sabato 14 gennaio 2012

Interview with Erika Marie Fashion Chalet

Lovely girls!
Here is the surprise I told you days ago!
I had the chance to interview one of our favourite fashion bloggers... Erika Marie and her famous Fashion Chalet!!!!!
So excited! She is really a lovely and sweet girl... I adore Erika and her style! She has the perfect accessories and the best outfits!
Having had the possibility to interview Erika is my most important and beautiful moment as a blogger!
I must say thank you to Erika forever so... Thank you for being a such great inspiration and example, you deserve everything you have and I wish you all the best in the world!
I love you!!
Big hugs
Carolyne O'
P.S.: Don't forget to join her site for a lot of fashion suggestion !

-What does Fashion mean for you? An expression of who I am. Even when I'm feeling shy, dressing the way I feel (by mood or inspiration) I feel stronger, more confident, and, happier. :)

-When did you realize that you wanted to do this in your life? I started because I used to take photos of my "outfits" in high school/college to show my friends (and people I knew through myspace, etc) then I learned about blogging, and it became so fun. I actually started in 2008.

-Tell me the best satisfaction that your job gave you. Going to New York City for the first time in 2009. It was the greatest experience. Meeting influential people in Fashion. And, making friends with my Readers (this is my favorite part!)

-How do you feel as a model of inspiration as many girls? I'm incredibly flattered. When readers send me links wearing outfits similar to mine that they say I've inspired, I feel so excited. I am always inspired by others, so to be able to do that for someone else, is really incredible. I'm always so surprised and happy to hear about it!! :)

-And where do YOU take inspirations for your looks? I love watching the Fashion Models, Celebrities and people watching. Fashion magazines, movies and music also inspired me. :)

-You have been a personal shopper at Barneys New York, 3 items that must be in our closet! A Trench Coat: Perfect for Spring, Fall and Winter. Black heels (an essential staple that works well with either trousers/jeans and dresses) Lastly, a Blazer or cropped jacket. I always told my clients: invest in shoes and bags, the rest of the pieces can be more affordable. Shoes and bags you'll use for years so pick things you really love- that also compliment you and your personal wardrobe.

-Which is the meaning of Fashion Chalet? I wanted to call my blog "Fashion something" I wanted a "French sounding" word. After a few tries, Chalet popped into mind. I liked how it rolled off the tongue.

-Will will see you at New York Fashion Week? I hope so. If all goes well. Already planning my outfits.

-Last question, which suggestion you will give to all your followers? Be yourself, and have fun. My Mom always told me, be your best self at all times.

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  1. That's a great interview. I admire her style (I love her in flares the best) and totally agree with her choice of three essential wardrobe items)

  2. I love Erika Marie and her style! Awesome interview hun1

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