lunedì 30 settembre 2013

Happiness event "The Pink Panther is back to Milano"

Hello beauties
how was your week-end going? Here loads of rain that meant lot of sleep :)
One of the creaziest event I wen during Milano fashion week took place at Happiness loft and was a celebration for the coming soon 50 years of the Pink Panther!
Thanks to an important collaboration with CPLG, that represents Metro Goldwyn Mayers, Happiness made an exclusive and fabulous collection dedicated to the Pink Panther, made of tee, dresses, basketball tank, shorts, sweaters and trousers.
But during this fantastic event were also launched three capsule collection that Happiness made with some oldie but goodie friends: the one with PURO, that consists of five brand-new collection of Iphone 4/4S, 5/5S covers named Prints, Team, Urban, Rock'n'Roll and City; the second capsule collection made with tattoo artist and writer Nicolai Lilini, who at Happiness event tattooed people, the maximum and only worldwide expert in Siberian tattoes traditional symbols; and the one with Smiley London, known everywhere for the smiley face on their clothes and stuffs.
The event was a real party with a truck food, tattoos, live music, sports, special guest such as Nicolai Lilin, Vittorio Brumotti, Carlo Cracco and the Pink Panther! I enjoyed so much my time there, was so funny and incredible and I took advantages to take some pics with some amazing things of Happiness new collection :)
Can you still feel the party air? :D
yours Carolyne O'

venerdì 27 settembre 2013

LEROCK S/S 2014 presentation

Hello beauties
during my days at Milano fashion week I had the big pleasure to come to see the new Spring/Summer collection of one of my fave Italian brands,LEROCK!
The eighth collection of Lerock represents a real turning point in the history of the brand, not only luxury jeans but also lot of outwears, tee and blouses. 
LEROCK designer, Luca Berti, has created 140 looks with his incessant fantasy, taking inspirations from the happy years of Italy boom in the 60s. Every single piece was well-finished in details, with excelent quality, and the results are precious chanel blazers, sensuous leather jackets and psychedelic "born to be wild" tee.
Such as Luca told me, for next year they have ready a new line of accessories, consting of their first collection of shoes, bags, sunnies, kids garments and jewels, and they also planned to open two shops in Russia, after the one they opened last month in Armenia. 
This collection is a triumph of golden lamè, rough silk, geometric and tapestry fabrics, fascinating shapes that exalt the body figure in a very comfy but sensual way.
LEROCK S/S 2014 collection is ready to hit the road of the fashion system, trust on luxury materials, innovative and captivationg designs and their huge passion for excellence.
yours Carolyne O'

giovedì 26 settembre 2013

Look of the day: The night has your eyes

Hello beauties
how is your week going? Hope everything is fine and full of joy!
My second look for Milano Fashion Week was a little challenge for me because it's a lil' bit far from my daily style but I adore so much this LEROCK dress and the brand itself that I enjoyed so much making a change in my routine :D

This dress is composed by a black one under, with the bottom in lace with a gold medal, and an upper one in transparent black, matched with comfy boots to run through the city and I gave a romantic touch with the soft trench.
Hope that you will like as much as I do in doing it <3
yours Carolyne O'

mercoledì 25 settembre 2013

Atos Lombardini S/S 2014 presentation

Hello beauties
after the sparkling René Caovilla shoes, it's time for some vitaminic clothes at Atos Lombardini Spring/Summer 2014 presentation.
In a bright open space with a colorful cube in the middle surrounded by models, took life the energetic Lombardini collection that is a jubilation of macro prints, very intense colors like yellow, purple and pink,with brilliant shades matched with sinuous shapes.
Every piece is made to illuminate the look and to make it particular, especially thanks to the floral print that gives a girly touch to the most sensual dress.
The inserts of mesh are the real innovation of Atos Lombardini collection and it was chosen as symbol of modernity for a contemporary woman. The nature is the main character, that inspired and instiled drops of class and joy to every single garment.
A fierce woman who runs her world in brilliant clothes, who never renounces to her sensuality and femininity and who knows very well that splash of colors bring happiness also in stressful days and to these kind of women is dedicated Atos Lombardini new Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
yours Carolyne O'

martedì 24 settembre 2013

René Caovilla S/S 2014 presentation

Hello beauties
one of my first presentation was the René Caovilla one, where, in a dark atmosphere, the shoes illuminated the room like stars in the sky.
Like real sculptures, René Caovilla shoes are an ode to architecture and to Swarovski shining elements that bring light and charme to our feet. 
Sandals, sneakers ( the new born in Caovilla's family ), slippers and high heels are fluctuating souls of an evergreen beauty, that is a reminescence of the period of the Great Hollywood Divas. And Hollywood style is the main character of the S/S 214 collection, where the classic run into contemporary imaginary details, obtained by lace inserts, plexiglass heels and crystals.
This collection is dedicated to women who have an eternal class but who are careful to be fashionable with an eye open on high quality of materials, innovative shapes and uber feminine allure.
I adore them, I feel like Cinderella searching for the best pair to go to the Ball for dancing with my King <3
yours Carolyne O'
P.S: Thank you so much Dania & Isotta, it was amazing with your company!

lunedì 23 settembre 2013

Look of the day: Milano Fashion Week

Hello beauties
today is the last day of Milano fashion week and I'm just coming back home from a wonderful experience. I'm so happy and grateful about everything I did and I can't wait to show you everything!
Loads of presentations, events, fashion shows and sweet moments with people that after some experiences together now I call friends.
Today I'm sharing with you my first look in Milano, a polka dots dress with a Pinko trench, Armani heels and as accessory only a necklace by I Birikini from the collection b.shining jewels.
Hope that you will like it and let me know what you think!
yours Carolyne O'

venerdì 20 settembre 2013

Castaňer Spring/Summer 2014

Hello beauties
today is officially my first day of Milano Fashion Week, I have loads of shows and presentations in front of me for next days and I'm so grateful and thankful for what I have... Really, past days I can't stop to say OMG thank you, OMG thank you <3
But today I wanna show you a preview of the S/S 2014 collection of one my fave shoes brand Castaňer, from Spain with love.
Next season will see again a huge use of espradillas and Castaňer has designed a collection full of irresistible and creative proposals, with a great return of the classic Mediterranean ones strictly low shot. Not only espadrillas, but also dizzy platforms with zebra or scoubidou effect.
In addition to the foot of the celebrities and of the Spanish royal family, the Castaňer are in the best boutiques around the world, like Colette in Paris, Brown's in London, at 10 Corso Como in Milan and in the flagship store Castaňer of the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, St Tropez, Tokyo and Palm Beach. Castaňer also collaborates with Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Dries van Noten and Louboutin.
I have few pairs of Castaňer and I wanna tell you that are some of the comfiest shoes I have ever had, it really seems to walk on a cloud!
Which is your favourite?
yours Carolyne O'

giovedì 19 settembre 2013

I Birikini at Macef

Hello beauties
yesterday I introduced to you to my first brand experience at Macef, the furnishing and bijoux Milano fair, with Giulia Boccafogli and today I'll take you to the colorful universe of 
I Birikini.
I Birikini bijoux are accessories that make you happy, that can put a smile upon your faces with their sweetest shapes and meaning, personally I love them so much and I have always one with me every day in order to bring me joy. 
During Macef fair, the label presented some brand new collections in the I Birikini family... I Brikini b.crazy with Hippie, Rock or Animal that you can choose depending from the mood of the day; I Birikini b.funny a rubber bracelet in various colors; I Birikini b.shining jewels the main collection with loads of sparkling and a sophisticated touch; I Birikini b.expressive jewels with shining elements and I Birikini b.emotional jewels with new charms that you can use to make your own bracelet.
But most important thing, they presented their first line of bags, Biribag, and wallets and I'm already freackin' obsessed with the baby shape that will be launched in 2014!
Don't you think they are so lovely?
yours Carolyne O'

mercoledì 18 settembre 2013

Giulia Boccafogli at Macef

The history of this post began few years ago, when I opened this blog and when my very first dream was to meet a particular designer. A designer who I admired for her talent, her work and her creations ( still today!) and her name was Giulia Boccafogli. Since that day a lot of time has passed but my dream was still there and last Sunday it came true and I finally met Giulia at Macef, the furnishing and bijoux Milano fair.
It was a very emotional moment for me that I'm not good to explain with words but I think that some feelings are not meant to be translated with a simple sentence because would loose their meanings.
Giulia is a very humble girl with a strong love for her job and believe me that you can clearly see this passion through her stuffs. Every single piece is TOTALLY handmade, every piece of leather is cut by her own hand with no machine or laser that will burn it, and it's like turning back time and went to an artisan workshop where every item was made with love for the customer love. No assembly line, no aseptic feeling and no impersonal thoughts... Giulia Boccafogli's accessories are soaked with hard work done with a smile, with the guarantee that every piece is unique and could never be the same of the next.
Giulia's bijoux are available here and soon I'll show you what I took home <3 I love watching her pieces through Internet but when I saw them... It was pure and real love.
And I wanna write that you always believe in your dreams and never give up because they can come true if you really want it <3
yours Carolyne O'
I had the pleasure months ago to make an interview to Giulia and you can read it here!

martedì 17 settembre 2013

Vivienne Westwood Red Label 2014

A melancholy dance by actress Lily Cole that took inspiration from the fairytale "The red shoes" by Hans Christian Andersen opened Vivienne Westwood Red Label fashion show 2014.
"She danced, and she was forced to dance through the gloomy night. The shoes the carried her over stack and stone; she was torn till she bled; she danced over the heath till she came to a little house. Here, she Knew, dwelt the executioner, and she tapped with her fingers at the window, and said "Come out! Come out! I can not come in, for I am forced to dance!" 
For Lily Cole and Vivienne Westwood was the second collaboration, that started at the Met Ball 2013 when Lily wore a special dress made with recycled rubber from Amazon rainforest in order to support Sky RainForest Rescue. And Lily Cole through her special project Impossible, that is a vision of society that improve human relationships and that has the purpose to build a new culture of giving and receiving with a social network, that will be launch next months, supports Red Label collection 2014.
The respect of the enviroment is the main character of Red Label that can be clearly seen in her dresses dedicated to the climate change and have a strong visual impact, also thanks to the diaphanous models make-up.
Impossible is a state of mind, nothing is impossible if you really wanna do it and really believe in it. The Earth is our home and we must be respectful and take care of it, from fashion to our way of living, if we intoxicate it there will be no future.
Thanks to Madame Westwood and to fighter Lily Cole for this fashionable lesson of life.
yours Carolyne O'

lunedì 16 settembre 2013

Get the look with Canon & The World C

Hello beauties
how was your week-end going? Yesterday I went to MACEF in Milano, the furnishing and bijoux fairy, and from tomorrow I'll show you my experience with two brands.
But for today I wanna introduce you to a special project that see as main characters Canon, ModaStyleTelling blog, You and me with my partners in crime Carlotta & Delfina!
Are you ready for Get The Look with Canon?!
Canon Italia, as main sponsor of Milano Fashion Week, is waiting for you from 18th to 23rd September at Sla dei Notari in Mercanti street at number 8 in Milano. Do not miss the chance of a professional shot of your new look, created just for you by Fashion Bloggers ( me, Delfina & Carlotta ) that will guide you in choosing clothes and accessories to suit your own taste, from Make Up Artists who will investigate your image and Young Designers that will create your best look. Subscribe to schedule an appointment, we have only 42 places available!
Subscribe here , I can't wait to meet you all, hope that you will have the chance to come to join me to this beautiful experience!
yours Carolyne O'

venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Look of the day: Infinity is me and you together

Hello beauties
are you ready for London fashion week?! Now that NY has really ended you can tell me honesty... Which was your favourite show? For me was really hard to choose one fave but I say Delpozo... Essential, minimal with a touch of romance <3
Yesterday I had a lovely ( and relaxing!) lunch with my mother and I wore for the first time my new Chicnova lace dress with cropped sleevless. I like it so so so much, it seems laid down as a stroke on the body, is so girly and fascinating. For the first time I also used my obsession of the moment, the blue earrings by El rinconcito de Zivi found on DaWanda here. I'm freackin' in love with them, that are totally handmade by sweet and talented Zivi in Spain, I can't take them off <3 New entry for the shoes also by Bruno Magli, a real love for me.
Hope that you will like it and let me know what you think!
yours Carolyne O'

giovedì 12 settembre 2013

New York fashion week street-style

Hello beauties
personally, one of the greatest things in going to a fashion week is to have the chance to see loads of interesting street-styles.
Frivolous, sexy, crazy, breathtaking, boysh, glamorous the most important thing is to do not pass unseen and during NY one we saw some of the greatest looks ever.
Can't wait to see how London, Milano and Paris will defend themselves, I'm sure that European fashionistas are ready to conquer the crown of the best street-style :)
And today it's time for my round up about New York, let me know which is your favourite one!
yours Carolyne O'

mercoledì 11 settembre 2013

Look of the day: Postcards from Milano

Hello beauties
last days for New York fashion week and then everything will move to London, which were your favourite shows since now? I appreciated Desigual, Victoria Beckham, Giulietta, Carolina Herrera, Delpozo ( Dreamy!!) and Jason Wu!
Saturday I went to Milano for a business meeting and I enjoyed spending some time in a city full of sun and warm weather and obviously making a very quick "tour" at La Rinascente :)
I wore a Zara dress, Hoss Intropia bag, my beloved Prada sunnies and comfy flats to run up and down the city :)
Hope that you will like it in its simplicity, let me know what you think!

yours Carolyne O'

martedì 10 settembre 2013

Msdressy gift

Hello beauties
Today I'm partnering up with Msdressy to give away $10 cash to my lucky readers! Msdressy is one of my favorite online stores for quality and shapes of clothes. They have an amazing selection of affordably priced homecoming dresses. Take a look at some of my current favorites below (all under $100!)
View back to school sale here and you can see some of my outfits with Msdressy dresses here, here and here
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Good luck!
yours Carolyne O'

lunedì 9 settembre 2013

Look of the day: Can you meet me halfway?

Hello beauties
how was your week-end going? Did any of you watched catwalks from New York Fashion Week? I spy some fabulous street-style looks :D
On Saturday I went to Milano for a business meeting and yesterday I had a relaxing and chillin' day with a brunch with a friend of mine.
I wore one of my fave Desigual dress and a Gazel yellow bag and after 3 pics the camera decided to not work anymore :[[ I really love dress and bag so I decided to post them as well, less but good, no? :D
Hope that you will like it, let me know what you think!
yours Carolyne O'

sabato 7 settembre 2013

Desigual S/S 2014 New York Fashion Week

5th September 2013 was THE date in Desigual family, a day to celebrate year after year that set forth tha landing place, for the first time, at New York Fashion Week.
A real big satisfaction for Desigual that, step by step, little by little, is ready to conquer the US market, also with the opening of their first flagship store in the 5th Avenue.
Guided by legendary Christian Lacroix, the fashion show was a real party in pure Desigual style while the clothes that run through the catwalks had the tipical Lacroix's touch of class. A new era for Desigual, that left behind their exclusive explosion of colors for softer tones, never forgetting the spirit that aims the happiest brand ever.
I saw a mature Desigual, a sort of upgrade of the brand, for women and men who want to party and enjoy life in a more sofisticated way. Personally I LOOOOOVE this joyful fashion show, made of smiles, jump, happy faces and positivity and also LOOOOOVE the new S/S 2014 collection with geometric and optical prints, jungle and colorful design.
In the front row the eternal Isabella Rossellini, the girl with the perfect wardrobe Louise Roe, Ingrid Rossellini, Josh Lucas, Genevieve Jones, Jasmine Robinson, Jeremy Xtravaganza and much more, while in the catwalks we saw Tal Lennon and Amber Le Bon.
Let me know what you think about Desigual show, marked by La Vida Es Chula motto, at the end of the post you'll find the video of the fashion show!
yours Carolyne O'

venerdì 6 settembre 2013

CK One, the eternal fragrance

Hello beauties
I think that I told you several times my obsession about fragrances, I have a huge huge huge collection, and the last baby that joined my home is ONE, the iconic perfume by Calvin Klein.
I found it on Groupalia, the most known Italian website that provides special discount codes, in the Shopping section and I'm very satisfied about this site. It is very easy to browse, to use the code and to make the purchase, also the shipping was super fast!
The only difficult I had was to choose between CK One and CK Be :D Definetely next time I'll get Be fragrance!
CK One is a so fresh and long lasting perfume, was one of the most popular for the last two decades, launched by a popular campaign starring Kate Moss.Both for men and women, the main notes are bergamot, lemon, tangerine, Jasmine, lily, rose, iris, cedar wood, sandalwood, amber and musk.
I highly recommend you Groupalia and especially my CK frangrance that you can find here with the special discount :)
Let me know what you think!
yours Carolyne O'

giovedì 5 settembre 2013


Hello beauties
today New York Fashion Week is started and I really can't wait to see fabulous collections and breathtaking shows and I'm so so so happy that, for the very first time, my beloved Desigual will have their catwalk! The S/S collection FOR EVERYBODY, SEX, FUN & LOVE will be for sure colorful and provocative, with Tal Lennox and Amber Le Bon as special models and will bring some Vida Chula in the Big Apple :)
Waiting for some news from NY, I'll show my Insta recap with a very best of my Summer pics.
Hope that you will like them and let me know which is your favourite!
yours Carolyne O'

mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

Yazmin Huguette, the art of fashion

Mexico is the land of sun, sea, siesta and chillin' time... Surrounded by beautiful landascapes, magic atmosphere and smiling people, a young Yazmin Huguette moved her first steps in Lèon in the world of art and fashion.
The first time I saw Yazmin stuffs I thought that was impossible separate her love for art and her passion for fashion, they come out together exalting each other at the same time.
Borning as Avantgarde painter, her dreamy bags betry the artistic influence and in fact, watching her pieces, for a moment you didn't realize if you are looking at a paint or a bag.
Yazmin bags are vibrant and "alive" as a paint, they telling a story that was born in Yazmin hand and continues through your eyes. And like every real artist, Yazmin is not only a fashion designer but still a painter and a home designer and I'm completely in love with her work and with what she creates, I'm so impressed about her polyhedric talent, she is the kind of business woman that I appreciate and adore.
Her bags really transmit me the joy and the love that are behind them, that kind of passion that you put in the thing you truly like and in Yazmin Huguette creations you will find all of them.
Don't you think the same?
yours Carolyne O'

martedì 3 settembre 2013

Look of the day: I'm you

Hello lovelies
my first day of work was just gone and I must say that I missed it a little, familiar faces, chatting :D
After job, I had an happy hour with a friend of mine and I wore my beloved skirt by Christian Lacroix for Desigual ( Yes, I'm obsessed with Desigual! ), very simple and elegant with special design on one side, a white tank, my oldie but goodie leather jacket and my fave pair of sunnies and bag.
I really like the rock touch given by the jacket to the whole look, it's something like rock'n'chic maybe, don't know but I love it :D
Hope that you will like it too and let me know what you think!
yours Carolyne O'
P.S: Vale I adore you <333

lunedì 2 settembre 2013

ÆLYT, the new iconic Italian brand

Hello lovelies
how was your week-end going? Hope everything was fine, today I re-start working and it's definetely soooo hard :D
As you already know, I'm a shoes lover and the first time I saw ÆLYT shoes well... They really took my breath away!
And after falling in love with the shoes, I fell in love with the history behind ÆLYT. An history made of passion, never give up and strong work.
In 2006 Stefano began his own line of shoes, made to order, but the project unlickily came suddenly to an end. Never forgettin his dream and his biggest passion, in 2010 he met Alessandro Ceruti and they dediced to give a new chance to ÆLYT and the year after they launched a new collection of high luxury shoes and some sneakers, in pure and Real 100% made in Italy, in Parabiago.
One of the greatest peculiarity of these sophisticated shoes is that they are completely costumized with materials and colors so the shoes can have your own sign, they will be yours and only yours.
These are the kind of designers who I admire the most, the one who are able to transmit you the love and the strong and vibrant passion they have, who really fight to make their dream comes true and Stefano with ÆLYT is one of them.
yours Carolyne O'