venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

Hello beauties
from now until the end of time you can now find me at my new website:


See you there from now! Join my new party place!

Yours Carolyne O'

Ciao dolcezze
da ora in avanti mi troverete sul mio nuovo sito:


Ci vediamo lì! Vi aspetto!

La vostra Carolyne O'

giovedì 13 febbraio 2014

Look of the day: Smile to the world and the world will smile to you

A smile is the prettiest thing a girl can wear.
Words of wisdom.
You can have the most precious bag or the most wonderful dress but without the right positive attitude they are only material stuffs. Is it you the one that makes everything special and with a smile the whole day becomes happy. Happy for you and for the people that will cross that beautiful smile.
In order to make the world a better place to live, isn't a good idea put a smile upon our faces? I truly believe that and I definetely will do it always, it's a promise that I do to myself.
And just because Valentine's day is just around the corner at the bottom of the post my sweet suggestion, for her and for him <3
Hope that you will like it, let me know what you think!
yours Carolyne O'

Pictures by SONY DSC-RX1 by Isabò

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

Charlotte's Dress

Hello beauties
as I told you several times I love animals, especially dogs, and my life is definetely more wonderful since I share it with my doggie Audrey.
I always search for her the best food, accessories and some warm hoodies during cold times and I'm looking for stylish and elegant stuffs, not ridiculous or too banal, and my favourite brand is Charlotte's Dress !
A pure love for dogs and a passion for exquisite fabrics and contemporary but refined prints are the basis of the philosophy of the brand, where glamour, comfort and convenience become the real key-words.
Muse of the collection is always the red poodle Charlotte, she is the source of inspiration for the sweet and fashionable hoodies, for the sparkling collar or harness, for eco-leather leash or also for the precious ceramic dog bowl and the soft doghouse.
Charlotte's Dress is the answer for all those people who want to give a comfy but elegant look to their dogs and also be sure that the stuffs are synonimous of safety and excellent and detailed materials with the strong warranty of made in Italy.
yours Carolyne O'

martedì 11 febbraio 2014

Look of the day: The light

The light. Soft or intense, the most important thing is to be surrounded by it, it gives strenght and positivity to the whole day.
A little walk with the sunshine on my face and the wind at my back it's the best way to give a pop of freshness and joy, to see everyhting clear and to pull out all the doubts and to take every decision in the most easily way.
A precious optical coat by Christian Lacroix for Desigual, my favourite earrings by my beloved Giulia Boccafogli, my bag of the moment by Francesca Evangelista and the brand new baroque shoes by Sammydress are my friends during that moment. Despite of the wedge, these shoes are really comfortable and easy to walk in, I would never thought but it's so true!
Hope that you will like it, let me know what you think!
yours Carolyne O'

Pictures taken with SONY DSC-RX1 by Isabò

lunedì 10 febbraio 2014

Caudalie Beauté Le soins hydratants corps

A tipical Spring day in the France countryside, the sun shining, a warm breeze that caresses your hair and a scent of flowers all around. When you open the window, a field of white blooms is in front of you and nothing can make you happier. You enjoy a sweet breakfast on the terrace and after it's time to take care of your body with the best beauty products that Caudalie dedicated to us for this Spring time.

The Baume Gourmand Corps is a smoothy and delicate butter for the body. A whipped cream consistence and a 95% natural recipe, this vine body butter leaves the skin silky and makes it healthy and hydrates. The scent is both sweet and slightly acid, thanks to the bitter orange, orange-flower and orange wood, created by Olivia Giacobetti, who has already made the Crème Tisane de Nuit and Premier Cru. Never without it!
The Soin des Levres is a lip conditioner that protects and hydrates dry and sensitive lips. The ingredients are 99% natural extracts from vine and grape, it leaves lips glossy and juicy. The scent is a mix of sweet orange, nectarine and vanilla, created by Olivia Giacobetti too. Very interesting and useful!
The Soin Corps Nourissant is a nourishing body lotion very intense that leaves the skin very ( but very very!) soft and mellow all day long. It's a very delicate cream, silky and not oily so perfect to be used also during hot Summer days, very easy to be absorbed and 93% natural. The scent is so enchanting and with a slightly acid note given by lemon matched with lavender and sandal. My IT product, I carry it always in my bag!
The Crème Gourmande Mains et Ongles is an hand and nail cream sold every 2 minutes in France and must say that is miraculous. The skin is super soft every moment of the day and nails are nourished and healthy. The texture is soft and it is absorbed easily and the scent is sweet and slightly acid, thanks to the bitter orange, orange-flower and orange wood, created by Olivia Giacobetti again. The very best hand cream ever!

I tried them and I highly recommend them to you, they are the most valuable and helpful products at the moment in shops. Caudalie is been ages my favourite beauty brand ever because their products are created with about 93% natural ingredients and all of them made my skin soft, silky and with a delicate scent, and this collection is more than words, it's larger than life.
yours Carolyne O'

venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

Sony DSC-RX1

Hello beauties
today I've prepared for you a technology post about a real jewel of photography sector, the SONY DSC-RX1 !
This cyber-shot camera is a compact with excellent and high level features, such as the CMOS Exmor full frame sensor and the Carl Zeiss T 35 mm f/2 lens. Called it compact camera diminished it because it's a real small reflex that takes perfect and high quality pictures.
DSC-RX1 has a minimalistic and essential design, a magnesium body, a bright and large LCD screen, five personalized buttons and has not unnecessary elements. Thanks to the opening ring on the lens you can control the preparation and the focus sleeve allows you to choose in almost a second the modality you prefer.
The anti-aliasing filter let you shoot clear pictures and automatically erase moiré effects and chromatic artefacts and the SteadyShot function reduces out of focus also in inadequate light conditions!
I'm in love with this camera, I'll never be without it because it has reflex features in a small and more comfortable shape!
yours Carolyne O'

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

The Wedding

Hello beauties
today there's a special post for you dedicated to one of a girl most important day and it's written by one of my oldest collaborator, the sweetest Catherine Moraru!
She wrote some article for my blog last year and we continue our partnership this year, I'm definetely super happy but this is not the only news of this part of the year... Stay tuned because next days there will be big surprises <3
Hope that you will like it, let us know your thoughts!
yours Carolyne O'