martedì 17 gennaio 2012

Fashion Chalet the queen of Balenciaga!

Good morning beauties!
How are you? Here is snowing and I'm very happy :)
Today I found that my lovely Erika Marie and her Fashion Chalet are trying to kill my bagaholic soul!!
She is giving away the Balenciaga Arena Classic City bag!!! OMG!! She become the queen Balenciaga!
I must write an e-mail to Balenciaga to tell them that is not a good choice Kristen Stewart for testimonial... They must have Erika!! There are more possibilietes that girls will buy their bags with Erika's face than with Kristen one... We would like to see a normal and beautiful face! I'm in "ERIKA NEW FACE FOR BALENCIAGA" team... are you with me?!?

This is the price!
Don't forget to join her site at because, over and above her gorgeous giveaways, she has a great style and always publishes great outfits so ahe is a lovely inspiration and a very sweet girl... This giveaways mean that she loves so much her followers, it is a declaration of love!
We love you as the same hun!!!
With all my love
Carolyne O'

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